Monday, 24 April 2017

Busy Month

Hello my friends.
Since my last post things have been busy round here.
I have been knitting in the evenings and secret stitching 
to show soon.

Tillie in the old fish tank. Fish are long gone :)
Silly pussy cat.

My Easter door stop in the laundry. 
I think she`s cute. Paid $3 for her :)

The two older grandchildren helping their Gampop
to build a new shed this last week,the first week of the school holidays.

The youngest in the highchair his daddy used all those years ago.

I got this lovely design but miss judged starting point,
so now need to start again as could`nt fit his head in. Grr.
Used all the kit thread too at least it was DMC so
can come from stash secound time round.
Well must sign off but have some stitching nearly ready to
show. That will be next time. 
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Hello my friends,
last month I had my 60th birthday.
With lunch with a Katrina,Kath and  eldest 
daughter Celeste.
Then dinner out with hubby,Celeste and my Mum.
A lovely day out.

We forgot to take the camera that night!
Our son gave me a voucher for Spotlight.
Not used yet !

Youngest daughter gave me this cute cat tea towel.
Too nice to dry dishes with. 
Have some thoughts for this.

Celeste gave me this pad plus  a framed 
`My Mother` saying.
Forgot to take photo. 

Katrina gave me this piece of fabric with LHN pattern 
`Summer Splendor`
I have the brought the threads only the linen to cut
ready to stitch.
She was still knitting my sox`s so came later .
Tomorrow  I learn how to do the heel on mine.:)

Kath made this lovely zipper bag and 
also gave me Stoney Creek patterns.
I have this kitted ready to go as well.

Hubby gave me this ornament to add to my collection.
by Willow Tree.

My sister who lives down south gave me these 
French General fabrics .
I  have a pattern for a sewing kit to use them.
There was also the Antique thread and ribbon cards. 

My Pen Pal of 50 years sent me 
Lori Holts Scrappy Project Planner .
Hubby and I are going for a visit later in the year .
Looking forward to catching up in person. :)
I have also stitched the next 
Country Blues Block.
Gave my cat some whiskers.

Well time to finish this lovely chat so,
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 17 March 2017

Cosy Toes

Hello my friends.
Today is our son`s birthday.
36 years ago he came early.
The years have flown. He`s has his own son now.
This weekend we are having 6 month Ezekiel to stay.
My friend Katrina made me these for part of my
birthday gift.

My cosy toes. 

A wrapper round  this knitted pair.

Opal Viridian Schafpale `Claire`
is the wool Katrina knitted from Germany.

Katrina is teaching me to knit a pair.
Nako mohair blend.
I have finished band and on to leg part.
I think I`ll need her help with the heel. :)
I still have the rest of my birthday gifts from last month
to show.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 18 February 2017

A little progress.

Hello my friends.
I left my stitching chair to do few other things.
Tillie is sleeping on my foot stool.
I am pleased I took photos before.
Stitching for Friday last night on 
`Joy to the World`
one of my Christmas gifts.
Nearly complete!

This lovely lady was a gift from one of my sisters for 
last years birthday .
My sister sent left over fabric from her skirt.
So a project bag has been made.

The front with checker board like Sherri McConnell`s
shown on Kimberly Jolly`s  Fat 1/4 Shop blog. 

For the flower but adding extra on stem area I used 
Lori`s flower pattern out of my copy of her book.

As Sherri says I quilted cross hatching
on the back fabric using tape to quilt the lines.
I used cotton batting for the inner and will use this again. 

February`s`The Little Stitcher` SAL for Step 2 is 
this cute train.

A close up of the train.
Next part in March. :)

This is looking down our drive.
This branch has been hanging over,
but Hubby thought it would be ok till peaches 
where ready.

Today with the rain we have had this tree has dropped  the branch lower.
Hubby had to thin out more fruit off before the branch broke.

Well rain seems quite steady now.
We have been quite dry and only been allowed to use hand held hoses,
which is on even days for us for our house number.
So pleased that I have a break from that chore.
 More stitching time.
Tillie has gone outside so can work on stitching again. :)
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Hello my friends.
 My birthday month already!!
This year is another big 0 one.
Laura of `The Little Stitcher` has a 
Mystery SAL.
`Christmas all the year vintage toys`
It`s a set of three when finished. 
The patterns come once a month,
12 in all.
I ordered the linen 32ct  Vintage Country Mocha
from my local stitching shop.
This took a few weeks to come,so last week I started. :)
The first step of one.

This close up showed me I had missed back stitching his coat.

Back stitching complete. He` so cute.
Pecan Pie threads is giving him a well loved look.

The colours are  The Gentle Art - Pecan Pie.
DMC: 310,3031,3865,3777,420 AND 935.
My start on step 2 with two extra DMC`s 829 and 520.
Loving how these colours are stitching up.

This last weekend we had our youngest grandson and his parents
staying with us. One of our daughters is sitting at the table 
looking on.
He will be 6 months the day after my birthday.

This year I hope to finish some works in progress plus others I could not say no too.
So back to stitching my mystery,
then onto one of the others.
Also my patchwork projects.

I don`t think I put block 4 in December .
Then below is block 5 for last month.

Time for me to go and stitch some more before tea time.
It has been so nice this afternoon as with getting some rain the 
it has cooled down quite a lot.
I will say it was a mad dash to get a woollen blanket of the line.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 27 January 2017

Going Blue

Hello my friends.
This month has flown by.
We have had grandchildren staying,
time has been quite busy.

Our grand-daughter is putting this Dolls House together .
She makes a few pages up each time she comes.
Tillie thought she would move in. :)

This is the book with pages she`s using.
The tabs can be quite fiddly to slot in. 

This part was used in their play.
Though one of the windows you can see Tillies fur.

Month One of 
`Country Blue`s` 
Stitchery Designs by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly.
This is a BOM with The Country Yard.

A close up of my long and short stitch.
Thread is Cottage Garden Thread :416 Water Wheel.

Month two.

Month Three.

Month Four.
The bee`s their stripes  I`ve used Chain Stitch.

Month Five

Month Six.
Up to date. :) Next block next month.
Well must go as grandchildren are going swimming 
this morning.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 nearing it`s end

Hello my friends,
this year has gone quite quickly.
We have had a busy month with little family staying
at weekends and now the Christmas to New Year for 10 days.
The last few days I came down with a tummy bug.
Not nice:(
Thank you Chookyblue for having SSCS 2016.
I sent my gifts to Tracy:
This table topper ,a cute Xmas cushion and of course 
a ornament of a snowman with a Koala bear .

My gift sent to me was this table runner with silver border and binding
from Lisa. 

Some of my other gifts where:
This sewing machine pad, herbal tea and Santa ornament
from my friend Kath.
I do like Log Cabin pattern.
I hope to make next year a curved Log Cabin quilt.

A close up of Santa ornament on my tree.

One of my sisters swap gifts with me. This year we decided on
an ornament:
I really love mine. :)

And a kitted project to work on.
The fabric was part of the wrapping but to be used as borders.
Cottage Garden Threads :Mistletoe,
Rosalie Quinlan pre-printed linen/pattern with 
backing for stitching. :)
This is on my to do list.

Katrina gave me a lovely Angels ornament no photo yet.
Plus these : Lizzie Kate `Joy to the World` pattern with
fabric and little button,stitched cushion, stitched bird ornament
and a lovely zipped bag.  

One of my no blogger friends asked me to quilt this lovely
wall hanging for her . She was pleased with the finished piece.

Before I got sick I stitched this,
hope to make up as a star once little family goes home on the 2nd.

Have a good evening my friends.
With a baby in the house we will be heading to bed before 
midnight. :)
Happy Stitching,